Comprehensive Data Centre Services
England, Wales, Scotland & N. Ireland  


We were approached by one of our American channel partners for the support of their UK based clients 5 years ago. The company is one of the biggest ICT (Information and communications technology) service companies in US & Europe, providing shopping malls, retails, airports, airlines and public transport with Network management and monitoring. 

In our ongoing cooperation with them, we have accomplished more than 600 service calls from 2015 to 2020. We’ve worked for many different clients such as airports, airline companies, London underground & train lines, shopping malls in different cities and private companies. For all the jobs we have kept the standards to its highest, making sure our engineers are well prepared and have the right professional attitude. 

Every job was different from another but usually we were in charge of installing, replacing & configuring network management appliance routers such as Fluke Networks Optiview, Cisco Network Router and Netgear Network VPN Firewall Router in comms rooms, server rooms & data centres. We have also done many Hard Drive & RAM Replacements for Cisco devices in data centres. After the completion of each job we had to contact the Level 3 to make sure everything is working fine and that they can monitor the activities on client networks.


We have accomplished more than 600 service calls until February 2020, with 100% success rate and full satisfaction of all clients. Our engineers are fully flexible with timing, travel distances and job requirements which has helped a lot during our ongoing contract. 


Due to data protection and security matters we don’t share our client’s company name.