Wireless Site Surveys


At IT Vault we thrive on client satisfaction and understand how damaging a bad connection or constant network interruptions can be on a business’ operations. Hence why IT Vault has gathered a team of expert network surveyors and consultants in order to provide our clients with a wifi solutions package which includes in-depth surveys, before and after designing your network and installing Access Points where signal strengths are the highest.


IT Vault believe the key to delivering outstanding customer service is an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs. We understand that in a consultation session more often than not, some details are left unmentioned and unanswered. That is the reason why IT Vault offers a comprehensive site survey prior to the wifi network design and installation.


Our network engineers are professionally trained and equipped to carry out precise measurements used to determine signal strength of a WiFi Access Points (AP) and determine coverage, performances and how many APs are required within the specific area. This industry approved method of surveying is carried out on-site, as a means to validate the network plan before deploying all of the APs.

The service consists of the following:

  • Identify sources of Radio Frequency interference
  • Locate Radio Frequency coverage and ‘dead spots’
  • Map of areas that suffer from channel interference
  • Inspection of the physical and environmental conditions
  • Heat Maps of the expected wireless coverage
  • Validating Access Point placements
  • View Roaming Areas
  • Verify coverage, capacity and performance requirements
  • Review cabling, connectivity and mounting requirements

It-Vault’s Active Site Survey is suitable for offices with 20 plus capacity.


Once a wireless network has been installed, a very crucial step which most suppliers and installers fail to carry out is the Validation Survey.

in order to ensure your satisfaction and to make sure our network design will perform as expected, our experts always carry out a final survey to confirm the installation meets your requirements in terms of signal strength, network coverage.