Windows 10 Rollout for an Investment Firm in London
London, United Kingdom 


We were approached by one of our channel partners for a Windows 10 rollout project which lasted about 4 months. We organised two IT specialised teams, one consisted of two and another with eight engineers, both working full time five days a week from 9:00 to 17:00. 

For this project we had to assign, deploy & encrypt 870 Desktop Computers and 130 Lenovo Laptops and then one by one replace them with old computers. Both our teams were working in parallel. The first team consisted of two engineers were based near Liverpool Street in warehouse of the firm; they had to do the deployment & encryption of minimum 10 computers per day and then assign them to individual desks for the main building which was based near Bank Station. The second team then would have had the encrypted computers delivered to them from the warehouse, take them to the assigned desks and start the back up and restoration process from the old computers to the new ones. 

Our teams were all dressed smart and were super professional throughout the entire 4 months of our contract. We managed to finish the project with absolute success and satisfaction of our client. 


We were working for one of the biggest Financial and Banking Firms and thanks to our expert team members we managed to bring in even more than expected to the job by helping and supporting desk users and by making a professional friendly environment for everyone working there. The satisfaction of our client and users were our priority and we accomplished beyond what our client was expecting from us. 


Due to data protection and security matters we don’t share our client’s company name.