Data Centre Installation
England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland 


In a short notice we had to dispatch two of our experienced engineers for this one-week project of Riverbed installation. One of our engineers had to drive city by city from London towards north of UK, all the way to Scotland; and the other one was covering southern areas of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Every single aspect of the scheduling and planning was carried out by our project manager in our head quarter office located in London; his team had to find the most suitable route for each engineer and then arrange hotel reservations beside booking appointments with retail site contacts. 

Riverbed Steelhead EX 760 WAN

Each Installation had to be done outside working hours when every shopper and staff were gone, and the shop was entirely shut. Consequently, one of our challenges was to work in early & late hours. 


Despite all these challenges and difficulties our team managed to complete this job by installing 20 “Riverbed Steelhead Rackmount WAN” for our client’s comms room. Each installation was completed in less than an hour with 100% success rate and satisfaction of our client. 


Due to data protection and security matters we don’t share our client’s company name.