AirMagnet WiFi Site Survey
UK (London, Glasgow), France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), Poland (Warsaw), Turkey (Istanbul), Switzerland (Zurich)  


Our engineers are experts in AirMagnet Wi-Fi Site Surveys, and we have regularly been contacted by our channel partners to perform Wifi Site Surveys for Banking and Financial industries. Since 2012, we have dealt with many big and sensitive projects.

Heat Map

There are different forms of Wi-Fi site surveys, but the common aspects measured in each survey includes the buildings size, the coverage required, the quantity of devices & gadgets accessing the network, the existing infrastructure, interference and restrictions, and the structure of the building.

We start with planning and analysing the premises, then using our latest analysis technology and software we initiate the Wi-Fi survey for each floor and every single room in the building. Using the survey software, we produce the heatmap of the site and accordingly identify the potential locations of each AP (Access Point). During this procedure we will also check for any interference or structural limitation in the building. 

Wi-Fi Site Survey Software


The type of survey required for your building depends on whether you have an existing network and what are the requirements based on your usage; we can guide you on which survey is more convenient for your needs. We strongly believe that every business needs a solid networking foundation and that’s why we are here to help you build that foundation. 

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Due to data protection and security matters we don’t share our client’s company name.