Financial Firm Windows 10 Rollout
London, United Kingdom 


Two intense weeks of hard work and dedication with 10 experienced and professional IT engineers working in parallel in order to replace all desktop computers without losing any data. An A-Z project which we had to plan considerably and professionally. 

The Project consisted of two phases:

Phase A: Identify each desk with their exclusive data & software, user schedules and their off-desk times, and finally prioritising users and making sure each user is aware of the entire procedure of the job. 

Phase B: We started by unboxing new Windows 7 computers and deployed the standard restore for all of them. The initial restore consisted of essential software that all users normally had on their desktops. Then we started assigning each computer to an individual user and started backing up all their data once they were out of their desk and restored them all on their new computers. Old computers were replaced by the new computers and at a specific prearranged appointment our engineers had to meet with each user to introduce them with the new system and making sure that everything required by each desk is being provided. 

The last three days was dedicated to problem solving and diagnostics. Our engineers were constantly walking around in each floor making sure to be available for any sort of problem users were facing. 


Despite all the challenges and difficulties, our team managed to complete this rollout job professionally with the highest possible standards. The satisfaction of our client and users were our priority and we accomplished beyond what our client was expecting from us. 


Due to data protection and security matters we don’t share our client’s company name.