What is Cloud Computing?

You might think of cloud computing as a fairly new thing, but the fact is that it has been around for years. It may have come into the limelight a few years ago only, but it has made itself one of the must-haves for any business, IT wise. If you are also one of those people who are not much aware of what cloud computing is and how it works, we have it broken down for you here.

In simple terms, cloud computing refers to the use of the internet to store data and carry out tasks that you would otherwise have done using your computer hard-drive. This includes but is not limited to the storage and sharing of data and information. Thanks to cloud computing, there is now no need to buy expensive software and install it on your computer when you can access and use them over the cloud through the internet. There is also no need for a network server in your business because the software along with the services are delivered over the internet. The software can be used to extract or input data through your browser.

Using Cloud Technology

Businesses typically pay a monthly fee to a cloud provider such as Microsoft or Google. This fee is based on the specific services and the software they want to use. The most commonly used applications by small businesses include customer relationship management software, email, database and accounting software. Firms are not only able to work on these software, but are also able to save and store files through a secure internet-hosted server.


Types of Clouds

Here the main types of clouds:

Private Cloud: It is used by one particular organization and usually for intra-business interactions. It is owned, operated, and governed by the same company.

Community Cloud: Computing resources here are provide for organizations and a community.

Public Cloud: Used for Business to Consumer interactions, the cloud here is operated, governed and owned by a business, academic, or government organization.

Hybrid Cloud: It can be used for both business to business and business to consumer interaction. The cloud in this case is bound by different clouds, hence the name hybrid cloud.


This was a simple guide to cloud computing for beginners. Watch out this space for more information on cloud computing.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

One of the main reasons of using cloud services is cost saving and this is mainly why many organisations are using it today. The best thing about cloud computing is the fact that organizations only have to pay for the services that they are using and not all of them. Thanks to cloud computing, it has become possible today for organizations to outsource their IT operations without much need for in-house resources.

Here are some of the benefits cloud computing offers to its users.

  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Lower computer and IT infrastructure costs
  • Fewer maintenance issues
  • Enhanced compatibility between different operating systems
  • Instant software updates
  • Backup and recovery
  • Increased data safety
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Scalability and performance